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Transformational leadership: How It Can Make You a Better Leader

Managers are more so focused on getting the job done, managing, and organizing to complete the tasks at hand.

Transformational leadership goes above the accomplishment of the “what” (widgets) seeks to inspire and motivate their teams, stretching and challenging them to become their highest and best selves.

So how can you take on more characteristics of transformation leaders?

Here are four ways you can start doing right now to enhance your leadership capabilities.

1. Inspire Others

There is no one size fits all, however it is important to a transformational leader to tap into the potential of those they lead. A transformational leader is both coach and mentor. They encourage them to stretch their personal development goals, but also be actively engaged in their process of becoming their highest and best self.

Allocate projects and tasks based not just on current skills but also on challenges to grow and promote motivation and confidence.

2. Model the Way

A transformational leader inspects what they expect. They model the behaviors they want to see, acting with integrity, openness, and honesty. You will inspire respect in your team members and give them a model to aspire to.

As a leader, your people will follow your example. They will live up to your expectations, so make those expectations positive and be the example.

3. Inspire a Mutually Shared Vision

A transformational leader inspires a mutually shared vision. As the leader, you set the vision, the strategy, and the goals for your team. They will look to you to be their guide. If you focus on getting the day-to-day tasks done, you probably get the result you want. But transformational leaders, communicate positivity and optimism, which inspires your team to deliver results that consistently surpass goal objectives.

4. Encourage Creativity

Creativity is probably the hallmark of transformational leadership. A transformational leader is attuned to industry changes. They foster innovative approaches and not afraid to take some risk in doing things differently. Transformational leaders encourage team collaboration to find creative solutions and celebrate successes big and small.

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