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4 TIPS That You Are Ready for an Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is a great way to motivate yourself towards goal achievement. An accountability partner is not a magic bullet. It won’t solve all your problems or make accomplishing your goal painless. However, having an accountability partner can make the journey toward your goals enjoyable and fun.

"At the end of the day we are accountable to ourselves...our success is a result of what we do." - Catherine Pulsifer

Here are signs that you’re ready for an accountability partner:

You’re Willing to Motivate Yourself

If you are not ready to motivate yourself, then the probability of sustained progress is less likely. One way to motivate yourself is to study projects and tasks you’ve completed previously. For example, when you finally landed the job of your dreams, or created your first business product, was it the pressure of a deadline that you kept you going, the daily rewards you created for yourself after you finished each task? Study what you’ve done previously. This will give you plenty of ideas on what motivates you.

You’re Willing to Take Responsibility

You’re not ready for an accountability partner until you can take responsibility for both your successes and your failures. It’s easy to dismiss your failures as being someone else’s fault or saying that “life just got in the way”. But this kind of approach could mean that you lack the discipline necessary at this time to achieve your goals.

Remember it’s not an accountability partner’s job to change your life. It’s their responsibility to keep you on task and hold you accountable.

You’re Willing to Be Transparent

Are you willing to share your bad habits, your deepest dreams, and your biggest fears with someone else? Your accountability partner can’t help you unless you’re willing to be transparent. Instead of withdrawing if you fail to meet a big goal or if you encounter roadblocks, be open and honest with your partner if you really want your partnership to succeed.

You’re Willing to Accept Feedback

Accepting feedback about your projects and goals from someone else is never easy. It can leave you feeling uncomfortable and challenged. But that’s a good thing! If you’re too afraid to share what you’re working on or won’t talk about your goals, then you may not be ready for an accountability partner.

An important element of having an accountability partnership is being humble enough to accept feedback. Even if you don’t always agree with what your partner says.

An accountability partnership can be a beneficial relationship for both you and the other person. But it’s important to remember that you’re making a big commitment when you agree to take on a partnership.

Are you willing, open, and ready to accept responsibility for the manifestation of your desired outcomes? Let's work together!

-Coach Jo

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