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Coaching is a thought-provoking and innovative process that inspires a client to maximize personal, professional and/or entrepreneurial potential through effective goal setting and achievement.

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Coaching is designed to accelerate the development of specific goals using a strategic plan of action for achieving those goals. Goals guide us to our desired destination and expected outcome! 

coaching facilitates:


 Next level positioning requires a certain level of self-exploration and application.


We work together as a team to prioritize and clearly define your goal objectives.


 Our success is tied to your success.



We create and cultivate relationships where you are heard, seen, and valued!


Taking deliberate steps toward your goals requires a decision and consistent applied efforts.





We hold you responsible and responsive to the consistent actions required to bring about desired results! 


 You are not alone on your journey to becoming your expected outcome.  





We extend support in a way that inspires, encourages, and leads to a more positive and healthier outlook on life!


collaboration | connectivity | accountability | support


At Strategic Foresight Initiatives, we help our clients promote, increase, and sustain scalable growth.


Whether you are embarking upon a new career path, seeking upward mobility, becoming an entrepreneur, or scaling your existing business, we help you turbocharge your next level trajectory!

To learn more about how to reach your next level of fulfillment in your career and/or business, contact us today!

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What our clients are saying...

Career Transition

"After attending one of Joann's job interview readiness & preparedness webinars, I put into action the techniques, tips and strategies learned and had 3 job offers in one week, and accepted the one that was my ideal job!

S.Edmonds, United States Postal Service

"Joann was very helpful during my career transition .  Her assistance and preparation methods during my job search ultimately led to a career advancement/change into my desired field.  I highly recommend her services.

-L.Anderson, Government

Business Startup

"Strategic Foresight Initiatives, LLC helped me put my ideas to paper and build a solid foundation.  I am looking to growing my business through Joann's coaching, mentoring and encouragement."


-M. Whisonant, Public Service 

Business Scaling

"I sought business coaching services from Strategic Foresight Initiatives, LLC and didn't know what to expect.  Joann has been nothing but professional, uplifting and set my business on a solid path for success.  I highly recommend this company to help organize and grow your business."

-K. Parker, The Cape, LLC

Career Advancement