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Jo Mayo

As a growth strategist success coach, I help career professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses create a clear vision of their desired outcome and strategically coach towards the development of core competencies that literally translates their vision into reality. This holistic empowerment approach has been proven to best assist clients in maximizing their efforts to create not only a better quality of life, but equally one that is more purposeful and fulfilling.

Having spent the majority of my professional career path as an organizational leader specializing in coaching and mentoring within several lines of business, allowed me to observe firsthand the need for better resources and targeted education that assist with: job interview preparedness and career progression marketable competencies conducive towards current industry trends; leadership development, which requires an ambidextrous approach (coach & mentor); and developing a business model concept that maintains sustainable success and future longevity. 


At Strategic Foresight Initiatives, our coaching and consulting services are strategically designed to help clients develop core competencies that promote, increase and sustain scalable growth.



  • Entrepreneurship & Business Coach

  • Transformational Life Coach

  • CBT Career Coach Practitioner

  • SCORE Certified

  • SWaM  Certified

  • M.A. Business Organizational Leadership & Development: Specialization in Coaching & Mentoring

  • SCORE Member & Mentor

  • Women Business Center RVA Consultant

  • Regent University School of Business Executive Leadership Mentor (Graduate Program)

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