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Growth Strategist Success Coach, Joann (Jo) Mayo, is the Founder and President of Strategic Foresight Initiatives, LLC, a certified Small Business, Women  and Minority (SWAM) owned business, where she helps clients create core competencies that promote, increase and sustain scalable growth.


Jo Mayo

Joann is a certified Entrepreneur Business Coach, Transformation Life Coach and Career Planning & Development Coach.  She currently serves as a Business Consultant for the Women's Business Center RVA located in Richmond, VA, Business Success Coach for the Village Project, LLC, and as an Executive Mentor for Regent University's graduate program.  In the past, she served as a Business Mentor for BizWorks Enterprise Center located in Chesterfield, VA.  


Joann holds a M.A. in Organizational Leadership & Development with a Specialization in Coaching & Mentoring.  She is no stranger to the proficiencies of coaching and mentoring having spent her professional career in Corporate Leadership roles, where she managed a vast array of internal and external processes within Consumer Risk Operations Group (AVP) and Higher Education Admissions & Recruiting. 

Her expertise and experential knowledge allowed her to observe and understand firsthand the need of many to be exposed to better resources and targeted education to assist in: developing career progression marketable competencies conducive towards current industry trends; understanding the dual role of a leader, which requires an ambidextrous approach (coach & mentor); creating a business model concept that positions it for future success and longevity; shaping of financial futures through better money habits & credit stability; and creating a vision life plan that positions one to not only live a better quality of life, but equally a more purposeful and fulfilling life. 

Joann is a member and mentor of SCORE Richmond.  SCORE is a non profit partner of the Small Business Administration (SBA) which offers free mentoring services to startup and existing businesses.  She is an actively engaged mentor for SCORE Black American Entrepreneurs and SCORE Black American Women Entrepreneurs initiatives.  In the past, Joann has served as a Small Business Coach for a business incubator located in Norfolk, VA,, where she played an instrumental role in the development and implementation of a personal finance series for Small business startups and existing businesses seeking financial assistance from the SBA. 

Joann is the published author of "Interview Strategies and Techniques: A Learned Skill--How to Plan, Prepare and Position Yourself as the Best Candidate."