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What is a vision statement?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." - Henry David Thoreau

Vision statements are tools used by individuals, businesses, and other organizations to convey their mission, values, and goals succinctly to employees, shareholders, and other parties.

The goal of a vision statement is to help the people involved in decision-making to make decisions that align with it and the overall purpose of the group. They have proven to be valuable tools that aid in reaching specific goals without forgetting its values or purpose.

A personal vision statement is nearly identical to one used for a business but is directed towards a single individual and his or her life. It encompasses one’s values, goals, and purpose in life. Sometimes it also includes a statement of the lifetime impact you wish to have on the world.

The overwhelming majority of research on organizational business statements shows that they are effective in helping keep an organization on track and aligned with its values. Less research has been done on personal vision statements, but so far it looks like they have the same effect on individuals when created and used properly.

Personal vision statements can encompass both personal and professional goals. They also tend to include a list of some deeply held personal values. They tend to be short, only a few sentences long, and can be either kept private or made public.HENRY DAVID THOREAU

Some of the most successful and famous people in the world have or had personal vision statements. Sir Richard Branson, Maya Angelou, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Amanda Steinberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Mahatma Gandhi are just a few examples. Each of these people used or use their personal vision statements to guide their lives.

You don’t have to be famous, a hero, or a CEO to create and use your own personal vision statement. Many people do it. Millions of people around the world in every walk of life from students to farmers to artists have a vision statement they use in their daily lives.

"Clarify your vision. Plan with precision." - Anonymous

It takes some work to create your own personal vision statement, however all you need is commitment and a willingness to do the work to craft it. After it’s finished, all you need is a determination to use it to guide your life.

Ready to construct yours life's vision plan? Let me show you how!

-Coach Jo

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