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NOW Envision! 5 Visualization Practices

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

“The unlimited possibilities of our future is predicated upon the ability to now envision what they should look," and "the actions therefore intentionally executed upon to bring them into fruition.”-Unknown/Jo Mayo

Visualization is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to build the life of your dreams. But did you know that you can turbocharge your visualization and make it even more powerful?Take a look at these five visualization practices that can be used to make your dreams a reality right now.

See Your Future Life

The power of visualization lies in being able to imagine a different reality. Instead of focusing upon what you hate in your present job or life situation, imagine how you want it to change. Build a positive alternative in as much detail as you can. Imagine what your life would be like in that new job, that new car, that new house, that dream vacation, starting your own business. Visualize your new business cards, your clients, and your new office.

Visualize Your Path to Success

Being able to visualize the process is essential to get you from your present life to your desired one. Brainstorm all the steps you need to take to get to your goal. Maybe you need to polish your resume, get some new skills, or practice your interview technique.

Start with baby steps now, and you’re on your way to achieve your goal.

Don’t Get Lost in a To-do List

There’s a fine line between having a plan to achieve success and getting bogged down in an ever-increasing list of things to do. A task list can be a useful tool but a bad master.

Writing down your goals and how you will achieve them is vital to make the process tangible. But a checklist can quickly turn into an ever-present reproach, making it feel like you’re getting nowhere fast. Some experts recommend a don’t-do list of things that suck your energy or distract you from your goals.

Be aware of what you need to avoid.

Live Your Future Life Now

Part of the power of visualization is being able to imagine a different reality right now. Instead of thinking wistfully of your future success, live your life as if you were already that person. What would Successful You do in that meeting? How would Successful You give that presentation?

Prepare now and you will soon find that you are walking in your future life now!

Say It Loud

Say (or sing) it loud! Stand in front of your mirror, look yourself in the eye and say out loud exactly what you want. It might feel weird or daring, but it’s a powerful technique. Speaking triggers a different part of your brain and gets your whole mind working to achieve what you really want in life.

Visualization works like yeast to homemade bread, it is the active agent that causes the life you desire to rise to the occasion and come into fruition. Even small incremental steps can make a big difference over time. Now Envision!!

-Coach Jo

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