The Importance of Mental Tenacity

Life makes its imperative demands on us humans. In whatever walk of life, a certain level of tenacity or toughness is required in order to get past certain obstacles in our lives. How far we go in life does not only depend on our intelligence or motivation, it also depends largely on how much psychological strain we can withstand.

What is mental tenacity or mental toughness? Mental tenacity can be defined as that psychological edge or drive that allows us to be resilient and work hard no matter the setbacks, challenges, or failures that come our way. In other words, it is the mental strength that just allows us to push forward and fight for our goals. It entails being in full control of one's thoughts and actions; to remain focused. Why is this virtuous quality to have?

Here are some of the advantages of having a tenacious spirit:

Empowers you to achieve your goals

Everyone has dreams and aspirations in life. Yet, not everyone is where they really want to be. Some people give up on their dreams along the way because they feel that the road is too steep or too difficult to walk. However, those who have honed their mental tenacity-those who have some level of mental toughness-are ready and are eager to achieve their goals no matter the hardships. When we gain some mental toughness, we will be ready to face any storm that comes our way without buckling or giving in. Mentally tough people are resilient and will not bend or bow easily. Thus, they find themselves exactly where they wanted to be and they get to live the life they chose for themselves.

Strengthens discipline and sense of purpose

The hardest things to fight are usually our inner urges and inclinations. Most people are in constant fights with inner battles. Unfortunately, they usually find it easier to give in to their inner urges, including bad habits, slothfulness, and compulsions. A person of strong mental fortitude has a high level of self-discipline. This means that they do not bend and give in to their basic urges. They are human, yes. However, they place a higher focus upon what matters most and do not allow distractions to get in their way. They have a sense of purpose in life and are self-driven.

Boosts productivity and efficiency

Mentally strong people are usually more focused. They invest their all in the task at hand, not letting any unnecessary disruptions alter their plans. Be it at home, or work, they are usually very efficient and thorough. They are motivated and are in control. They do not allow slackness to impede their progress. This does not mean that they go through life as senseless or emotionless machines. Rather, they usually are very passionate and enthusiastic about the things they do, which is why they focus upon the relationship between their actions and their ultimate objective.

Challenges the status quo

Most people find themselves doing things they do not like just because they want to please the crowd. This usually leads to self-loathing and often a feeling of estrangement. A tenacious spirit equips you with the fortitude to not only stand for what you believe in, but to stand up for yourself no matter what the crowd says or does. It reinforces your ability to fight for the life you want to live not the life that other people want you to live. In the end, you are free to be who you want and to write the script of your own life.

Boosts self-confidence

Being mentally tough endows an individual with self-confidence. Since you are sure of what you are doing and what you want in life, you become confident in your own capabilities. You are in a better position to learn from others. You are confident in that no matter the obstacles or circumstances you can prevail and reach your chosen destination.

Makes you a good leader

It is not easy to be a leader. As the common saying goes, "Heavy is the head that wears the crown." For one to be a great leader, they need to have some strong mental fortitude to deal with the needs of people while at the same time not appearing fragile. When you have mental tenacity, you are ready to bear the burdens that come with leadership and the mental tenacity will give you that level-headedness that allows you to analyze and solve problems effectively. People will constantly look up to you for advice because of your confidence and resilience.

In conclusion, mental tenacity is a very essential quality to develop and gives one that significant level of stress-tolerance and resilience to effectively deal with the challenges of life!

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