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Self-Discipline: A Trait of Sustainable Success

Success is not a one time act, but a continual process. And no quality is more important in the attainment of long-term sustainable success than self-discipline. Seeking to enhance your relationships, work ethic, or health, is not without this principal trait. Yet, self-discipline doesn’t always come naturally. It takes the consistency of applied efforts. The good news is that it can be a learned behavior. Consider these techniques to attain greater self-discipline:

"Success is not owned. It is leased. And the rent is due everyday." - JJ Watt

self control

Removing temptation from your environment is a critical first step on your journey to increased self-discipline. The development of self-control as an attribute is one instance in which the saying “out of sight, out of mind” rings so true.

For instance, if you are looking to cut down on distractions (such as social media) and focus on your job, you need to turn off your mobile notifications and block all social media until you get off work. If you make a conscious decision to shed a few pounds, then removing unhealthy foods from your cabinets and pantry lessens the likelihood of temptation.

There is no 'perfect' time

Kick the habit of waiting for all things to align perfectly before embarking on your journey to self-discipline. If you are looking to enhance self-control, it has to start with you. Embrace simple things such changing your daily routine, breaking bad habits such as negative thinking, and instead actively developing new habits even if it does not feel right in your mind. But simply start now, instead of thinking there will be a better time. Just get started!

reward yourself for achievement

Being self-disciplined does not mean you have to become miserable or adopt a cold-turkey, drill sergeant type of life. In fact, by being too rigid, you are opening yourself up to disappointment, failure, and the possibility of falling back into the old habits.

Instead, have days when you relax your regimen. When you reward yourself, you relieve the tension that may result from self-disciplined living.

failure is a matter of perspective

At some point, it is possible that you may revert back into some old habits. A temporary setback is just that temporary. Don’t beat yourself up. Start from where you left off and recommit to the journey. It’s a matter of perspective. What is often viewed as failure, with consistent discipline of efforts, can result in remarkable successes. Don’t get too hung up in frustration, guilt, and anger, but rather acknowledge mistakes as an essential part of the learning process. Learn from it and move on. Don't give up!

Ultimately, developing self-discipline allows us to be actively engaged in the process of achieving our intended results, which leads to a more positive and healthier outlook on life.

Self discipline is truly a sustainable trait of success. Commit to it!

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