Entrepreneur Regular Self-Care: Your Health Depends Upon It!!

Updated: May 27, 2021

Let's face it; it's easy for health to take a back seat as you work to grow your business. Think about it, you stop going to the gym (who has time?) you eat lunch and maybe even dinner at your desk every day, and soon enough, you’re feeling bloated and out of shape and just plain tired. Sounds familiar? You are not alone!

Self-care is a web topic that entrepreneurs can’t afford to ignore. And if you’re a coach, you may be here because you’re surprised at your own inability to practice what you preach. It’s no secret that coaches/ entrepreneurs in general, tend to look out more for others than for themselves. If you’re still working yourself to the bone, you’re not setting the very boundaries that we often mention to others.

Now, acknowledge your limitations without beating yourself up for them or comparing yourself to anyone else. Accepting the fact that this is the "new normal" is not giving up. It is admitting your responsibility to hold yourself accountable for your overall health.

Working all the time or feeling guilty whenever you’re not working are clear signals that you are on the fast track for burn out. You’re like an airplane high up at thirty thousand feet and flying on its last fumes of jet fuel. What happens to a plane, if it runs out of fuel mid-flight? Disaster, that’s right. Same with human beings: We can’t fly on empty for very long. Soon the joy goes out of our business. Worse, we feel as if the harder we work, the more work there is to do. Overwhelm and distraction pile on the stress. Soon we’re caught in a squeaky hamster wheel, always running but getting nowhere.

Regular self-care helps you avoid mental as well as physical exhaustion. You can’t be a shining example to your clients, family, and community when you disregard your own physical and emotional well being. Self-care equips you with the stamina to be available for your loved ones, clients, and future opportunities.

A regular self-care routine allows you to:

o Refill your well of creativity

o Recharge your physical, spiritual and emotional batteries

o Be more productive in a shorter daily time-frame

o Become a better goal-setter

o Prioritize more effectively

o Refill your confidence well

o Boost your self-respect

You’ll no longer feel like you’re spinning your wheels. You’ll be healthier, happier – and more in love with your business than ever!

Pause. It is important to re-evaluate your self-care plan. It’s not a one-time act, but a way of life. Be responsible and accountable for your mental, emotional, physical, as well as spiritual health. No one knows you like you know yourself. Only you are walking in your shoes!

Set monthly, quarterly or bi-annual goals to reassess your self-care plan. By changing your habits enough to invest time in your own self-care, you can actually do more for your clients and followers – and do it in a more focused, efficient and enjoyable manner!

Let's talk about how to balance your overall well-being!

- Coach Jo

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