Becoming More Comfortable with Change

Change is inevitable, yes. But let’s be honest. Becoming comfortable with change sounds more like an oxymoron. Why? Because, unforeseen or not, dealing with life changes can be downright uncomfortable and the bigger the change degree, the more uncomfortable it can be.

Now, although these feelings are completely normal, there are several ways you can help yourself become more comfortable with change.

Let Go of Past Convictions

This can surely be easier said than done. Yet, change requires an embracing of the new, which equates to letting go of the past. Whether it is how you used to do things or the way you used to think about something (thought process). Either way, you will be unable to embrace and become comfortable with your current change if you are still worried about something, which happened in the past. Growth happens outside of our comfort zone. Face it and let it go!

Decide where you want to go

Time and time again, studies have shown the power behind visualization and positive convictions, which is applicable to times of change. Once you have let go of past convictions, use powerful visualization and affirmations to guide and direct you to where you want to be. It works, if you work it!

Know What Makes You Happy

In times of stress, it is important to know yourself and how to best release your stress. If you are facing an especially uncomfortable part of a change, do something you find comforting to lessen the feeling of discomfort. For example, if you like to run and have just moved to a new city, consider going out for a run in your new location to increase your comfort levels.

Learn to Adapt

This may seem like a given, but it warrants repeating, a part of becoming comfortable with change is learning to expect things to change more often and be ready to assimilate yourself into these changes. You will find that the change will seem much less drastic when you mentally prepare yourself for it. You can help increase your adaptability by spending time in meditation on the things that make you happy—visualizing the possible changes that could come. Get ready NOW for them!

For some, having a back up plan gives them a certain level of comfort—just knowing there is a backup plan can help you feel more confident and comfortable when changes inevitably come.

Generally, change is uncomfortable. You are not alone! However, you can help increase your comfort level by learning how to let go of the past, contemplate and decide where you want to be, and focus upon the things in life which make you happy. Change is inevitable, so increase your comfort with change by learning how to adapt and prepare for future expected outcomes before they arrive.

Remember, great things never came from comfort zones!

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