5 Advantages of Living Intentionally

Updated: May 27, 2021

Living intentionally means you are committed to living on purpose. It means thinking about your moves before making them, and making time for things that are in line with your end goal. Living with intention enables you to live your life the way you see it as opposed to how others see it.

Make smart decisions

Setting goals sounds so easy, but what's really involved in turning your dreams into reality? Living intentionally means your strive to make smart, conscious decisions, being confident of who you are, not focusing on how other people see you. You are more than capable of standing by what you believe in not being easily swayed by the opinions of others.

Living intentionally means you are purposely implementing methods that are conducive to what you strongly believe in. Methods that have the power to get you to your destination whether or not the next person believes in them or not.

See your vision clearer

Taking intentional actions and living an intentional life helps you see your vision clearer and keeps you believing in yourself. You understand that nothing just happens and valuable things take time.

Appreciate the process that gets you to your destiny. It’s a process. So Instead of complaining about the sacrifices you have to make along the way, express your gratitude for the chance to do what’s necessary to get to where you intend to go.

Setting SMART Goals

Everyone has goals so why do some achieve them and some don’t. Great question! Those who succeed understand the importance of setting smart goals. Not just goals but measurable, quantifiable goals. Set yourself up for success. Break down larger goals into smaller ones that you can work at daily.

An intentional life enables you to set smart goals because your plan of action is determined by what you truly want to see come into manifestation. You think “What small step can I take right now that will get me a step closer to my goal today than I was yesterday?” Big dreams start small. Living intentionally helps you realize the significance of small steps that make a huge difference keeps you moving forward.

Staying motivated

Motivation has the power to cause you to act when the odds are against you. It draws your attention to important things that have a noteworthy impact on your development, growth, and wellbeing. Motivation keeps you thinking, “What can I do next?” “How best can I handle this” instead of “This has the potential to fail so, why act?”

An intentional life is a life that fixes your attention on your abilities, the change you desire to bring about, as well as what you are expecting to achieve not what you are failing at. So, one of the main advantages of living intentionally is that you remain motivated to keep moving, keep trying, and keep believing.

Taking risks

Living with intention and being guided by intentional actions can help you recognize worthwhile risks that will impact your life positively. Not being comfortable with taking risks is by far one of the main reasons why people never live the lives they desire. You think about all the reasons why that risk you are about to take will lead to your downfall and never go through with it. “This may not turn out the way I’m expecting” “This may be too big a risk for me” are words and thoughts that stop you from taking big risks that have the potential of changing your life.

Let me be clear, be strong enough to take huge risks, but be smart about it. Do your homework, research, study, ponder, explore, seek wise counsel, if deemed applicable, and after you have done your due diligence, act on it!

In closing, intentionality is the best way of attaining the things you desire. It enables you to appreciate your journey to success and keeps you observant of opportunities. It improves your self-confidence by keeping you focused on your abilities, not your shortcomings!

Live intentionally on purpose!

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